"Wer wird von allen hochgeschätzt? Der Farbenkünstler! Und mit Grund! Er macht uns diese Welt so bunt."
[Wilhelm Busch, 1832 - 1908, deutscher Dichter u. Zeichner]

Decorative is whatever serves to embellish our surroundings, and decorative graphic art includes botanical and zoological graphic art, representations of uniforms and traditional costumes, fashion prints, etc. Our selection ranges from hand-coloured plant engravings by Basilius Besler (from the "Hortus Eystettensis") Maria Sibylla Merian, Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Charles Curtis and Benjamin Maund via animal engravings by Friedrich Justin Bertuch (mammals), Bloch (fishes), portraits and other.

Please see here for our current selection of "Dekorative Kunst & Graphik"