"Beautiful is anything one regards with love."
[Christian Morgenstern, 1871 - 1914, German poet, author and translator]

Our range of modern and old art is dedicated primarily to artists with a link to northern Germany. This includes works by Kiel-born artists such as Christian August Buntzen or Ingwer Paulsen and other Schleswig-Holsteiners such as Heinrich Blunck, Otto H. Engel, Hans Peter Feddersen, Emil Nolde, A. Paul Weber, and many others.

Similarly, works by painters of the Ekensund artists´ colony, such as Alexander Eckener, will always be welcome. The same, of course, applies to the Hamburg-born printmaker, poster artist and illustrator Horst Janssen.

Please see here for our current selection of "Moderne Kunst & Graphik"